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So, I've been sleeping very badly this week. Like, I'll fall asleep right away when I get home, absolutely exhausted, but then I'll wake up four hours later to not go back to sleep. Plus, my knees have been getting bad enough that I was limping yesterday (my roommate imightbegaye is contagious).

So, I decided to take vicodin, melatonin, and 800mg ibuprofin yesterday morning in an attempt to go to bed for longer than four hours, and fix my knees. Well, it worked: I slept five hours, and my knees are better.


So I ran some errands, then got really really tired all of a sudden while talking to folks on AIM and konked out for another four hours of solid sleep, waking up just in time for work. Yay.

Anyway, I know I've mentioned Audioscrobbler before, the place where you too can announce your music, but here it is again. Plus, it has no friends feature (at this time), so I've created a page of my own friends on there.

If you're not on my list, but on Audioscrobbler, comment with your username and I'll add you. (I have a bunch of Eagle-type of people listed at home, but can't get to them until morning, in case you're thinking "wait, I've given it to you before!".)
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