gwen (gwenix) wrote,

For those of you still playing The Hollywood Stock Exchange, Good Omens (GOMEN) is at $9 and I just discovered that Johnny Depp and Robin Williams are cast to star in it. Yes, I'm maxed, or I'd be waiting to tell you about it. :)

For those who have no idea what in the hell I'm talking about, HSX is a web game where you buy and sell stock in movies and movie stars. I generally just do the movies because, well, I'm lazy and like to buy these things at a song early then wait for them to cash out later. Let's just say I'm *very* pleased with this summer's setup, since I've had stock in all of the XMENs, HULK, T3 and T4, all of the Star Wars, etc etc etc.... well, for about 2-3 years now. As a result, I'm doing fairly well in my portfolio. Whee!

Though, bryant can kiss my ass. You rich HSX bastard you.

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