gwen (gwenix) wrote,


Matrix Reloaded: I liked it, though have a couple of complaints.

#1: You know, a ten minute sex scene might work if there was anything other than them looking like they're about to swallow each other and random bouncing bodies for the cross-fade. Like, nothing happened. It needed to be about 9 minutes shorter.

#2: They need to work on their montage. There were a few places (see complaint #1) where the scenes put together was just jarring, it did not make any sense or contribute to the story.

However, the fight scenes were a lot of fun, the picture was very pretty in that vinyl and green way, and it gave us more of a glimpse into Zion. I do like the twists in the story that seem to be coming out, I'll need to watch it again to pick up on some other things. Though, one thought that I did have...

When I saw the original, I thought the Oracle's statement of "Maybe in your next life" was meant for Neo's death later in the film (in fact, I knew he'd die and rebirth because of that prediction). However, now I'm sort of wondering if that also implicated the series of Neos that apparently recur.

Need to watch and think on it. :)

Oh, and eyebeams... did you notice that Link is Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet? That man has the best eyes.

Also, when the trailer for T3 came up, I bounced. A lot. Damn, that looks like it's going to rock. Plus, ladyjestyr, you're right. He is cute. I'm so seeing The Italian Job. Besides, it has Edward Norton, yum, and the guy who played Tybalt from R&J. AND MOREOVER, The Last Samurai -- yes.

Guess I have a lot of movies to see this summer. I'm not doing so well at this MPAA boycott, izzylobo :(

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