gwen (gwenix) wrote,

notes from the underground...

or perhaps just in absentia.

I went to my mom's house today, forgot my cell phone and figured it was for the best, I needed the day off to think about stuff. I only stopped by online once to see if my turn processed for TBG, only to find that the server is broken today, alas.

The rest of the time I slept, did laundry, and knitted while watching TV (only thing to do at mom's house, and I figure it's my chance to catch up on the ads). Discovered that Fluke's "Atom Bomb" is now a car commercial (Chevy), as is that Pink song. Weird. Other than that, TV is still mind-numbingly trite at best, more often perrenially misogynistic and a reinforcer of the terrible stereotypes of men, women, and other "family ideals" that I despise so much.

There's an ad that has two incredibly obese men talking over a dinner table. "I had steak, eggs, three sausages, and other greasy food!" exclaims one (OK, I don't remember what all he listed, but it was giving me a heart attack just listening to it), the other replies, "I had a quiche." He is immediately launched from the dinner table in an explosion of paper, food, and whatever else is on the table (though no fireball). Then the ad flashes the product on the screen, announcing a manly-man's meal. So, uh, it's manly to be a fat fuck who's going to keel over dead before he retires? I'll bet a bunch of you say, "Yes" as well. Guess what? That's the normalization process of TV talking, I really would like to see if this type of guy was considered as manly before Roseanne.
Anyway, as a contrast, there's an ad showing a lot of "different" people singing in the shower. Again, there are the fat fucks along with the hot guys (though, no bare chest shots, but one good arm shot on that), but all of the women are young, beautiful, and skinny. Yah, ok.
I flipped past the new Hollywood Squares to find it being "Blonde Week". I left after hearing, "Yes, we have all these blonde bombshells in the squares, but don't worry! We have hot men as contestants for the ladies!" Uhm, the blondes are in clothes that might as well not be there, and the guys are in suits. *click*
Another ad for a new "Reality/Dating Show" (I guess that's what they are) where they pretend to be The Bachelor, but wait! There's a catch! The girl who gets chosen last wins a million! He thinks they're there for love! I guess this is the next step after the piece of shit that had a bunch of women going for a "rich guy", now we get to watch them catfight over the money directly! No need to have the middle man of, well, the man involved!!! Why does this piss me off? Because I've seen these shows used as evidence that all women just want the money -- well, duh, women who sign up for these shows want the money. Give me a fucking break.
I could probably go on lots more, but I have a cool story about a cat.

So, as I was going to my mom's house this morning after work, I was lamenting that it was going to feel like a very empty house without my Maxx or my mom's Goody Two Paws there to keep me company. As I get to the door to open it up, some tabby cat appears out of nowhere and runs inside. I chased him around the house for about ten minutes to try to get him outside, and he refused, so eventually I just gave up out of exhaustion and went to bed (after ensuring a litter pan was available and rooms he really shouldn't be in were closed off). I was able to get him to leave after I woke up, but my mom's neighbor that's taking care of mail and the papers was at the door by then wondering why someone was in the house and this strange cat was in there. :)

So, all in all a relaxing day, I got a lot of knitting done, and I rediscovered that TV is still mind-numbing moral pushing drivel.

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