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You'll note I haven't been doing news lately. That's because I only do that when I have a lot of time to spare at work, and it's actually been relatively busy here (that and I've been tired this week), so you've been spared.

But, this is a great article that's just been tossed at me on IRC, if only for its title: In Baghdad's Anarchy, the Insane Went Free.

The content is considerably less funny, as the invasion produced death, destruction, and rape for a hospital that has just been renovated to bring it up to Western standards for mental care and its community. Now, many severely mentally disabled folks (this was a care center for those who raped and murdered due to mental disorders) are on the street. The story that sums it all up:

Ahmed Shehab stood in front of them on Saturday to say that Samir Hamid, 40, had escaped from the maximum security ward and was threatening to kill his sister, who is Mr. Shehab's wife.

"He is a paranoid schizophrenic and is so dangerous, especially to his sister," Dr. Sultan said. "He thinks that she destroyed him and so he went home to kill her. He has a knife."

The doctors told Mr. Shehab they were powerless to act. There is no government, no law to commit dangerous mental patients, no police force to call for help, and no hospital in which to treat the mentally ill.

The article also details that the Marines went into the facility, ignored the protestations that this was a hospital, set up a command center.... and brought in the looters who did the damage. Repeatedly. The Marines claimed they were there to liberate; I guess they did.

Once again I stress:

There is no such thing as a humanitarian war.

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