gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Ok, more on the subject..

* gwen just looked at date.
* gwen no longer in her 20's :( :( :(
<5arah> that's okay, you can run for President soon.
* 5arah votes Gwen
<gwen> uh
<gwen> no!
<gwen> I really live my life with the safe assurance that I will never run for
president. :)
<gwen> Like, I seriously decided this when I was like 12.
<gwen> "I could be an anal retentive bitch and keep my life in check on the
theory that maybe someday I *might* want to run for president, or realize
right now that I've never had aspirations for global leadership and live my
life like I want to."
<gwen> I opted for the latter. :)
* Heather grins. I like that idea.
<gwen> Well, when I was 8, someone asked the class to do a project of "If you
were the king/queen of the world, what would you do?"
<gwen> I had nothing to say. Had I been more clever than I was at the age of
8, I probably would have said, "Resign."
<gwen> But I remember very strongly knowing I didn't want that position, and
had a fight with the teacher about not being able to do the project because of
that. :)
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