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From CNN:

Nic Robertson: No real security in Baghdad

Further to that there was a surprise development in the city's security situation for U.S. forces in Baghdad, with the interim police chief Zuhir al-Naimi deciding to resign.

According to U.S. forces it was because he did not want to implement some of the changes he would have had to make, changes that would make the police force a more U.S.-style unit.


It is perhaps a quite surprising development that such a key person should already have differences with U.S. forces on how to run the city and decide to resign rather than go along with what the U.S. would like to see happen.

I think that says it all there.

Bush puts ex-diplomat in charge of Iraq efforts

President Bush on Tuesday named retired diplomat L. Paul Bremer III to be his top representative in Iraq, signaling a shift from military to civilian control over the reconstruction of Iraq.

Bremer is a former ambassador and headed the State Department's counterterrorism office.

Uhm, he's not Iraqi. I thought we weren't going to be controlling the country for long? Why is a counter-terrorist in there anyway?

Interesting article in the Toronto Star about Saddam's hometown unfriendliness to outsiders

Er, wow. One of my picture submissions to IndyMedia made it to the front page. That's pretty funny.

Something I can't link to, unfortunately, because FT goes to a PayMe format for archives.... While sitting at a coffee shop yesterday, I picked up the Financial Times from Saturday to browse through and found that one of the top articles has a "top administration official", when confronted about the lack of WMD finds, claims that Iraq had 1,000 scientists (out of 25 million people), and factories. Thus, Iraq *could* have made WMDs and were still a threat. My reaction? Wow, I'm a potential WMD in training! Rawk on!

Scattered news you've probably read elsewhere, they've found a truck that matches Powell's speech to the UN which may or may not have been used for biological weapons making. The administration is saying, "It can't be used for anything else," but others have pointed out that it does have commercial uses. It's so far proving clean, but more research will prove conclusive here. Also, there's a new tape that may or may not be Saddam himself. But no one really cares if he's alive or not anymore, of course.

Ok, that's it for today.

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