gwen (gwenix) wrote,

News today.

To start out with my latest-on-Iraq post: What the fucking fuck?

Ok, it doesn't scare me that this guy exists so much. I mean, he sucks, he's a racist, but he's obviously a bloody fruitcake so it's hard to take him seriously. What bugs me is the brief mention of his supporters. Uhm, bwa-?

Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh, 6% unemployment?? Good god, that's getting close to the one in ten people without a job point. I haven't been posting on the state of the economy, because I don't feel knowledgable enough in economics to sort that out well, but a friend of mine who's been a good gauge of how things go in the past decade has been keenly interested in all of the latest savings and loans debacles, many failing or potentially failing, and a lot of the major corporations being tossed to the shredder by the Fed investigations. I know the current trend in the media is to blame SARS first, then the War second, but really we did this to ourselves last decade. It's just that SARS, the War, and Bush's total incompetence when it comes to economics (see any Greenspan press release as of late) is really not helping a bad situation from getting worse.

And this takes me back to my Republican side.... I like being able to work in the computer industry and afford not only to feed, shelter, and clothe myself, but afford nifty toys I get to play with a lot. My sector is going to be the worst hit if we dive into another depression, though, as computers really are an extravagence we can't afford if we're trying to scrape up money for food. Gaaah, this is why I wanted to own land by now, alas. (Yes, I strongly believe in subsistence farming as a backup, is how my mom's family survived the Great Depression.)

Oh yah, and to end with the tie-in of finance and politics, this was obvious in coming.

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