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And, the news.

US anger at war crimes threat

This paragraph just makes me laugh:

"We believe the Belgian Government needs to be diligent in taking steps to prevent abuse of the legal system for political ends," [State Department spokesman, Richard Boucher] said.</a>

US troops open fire on demonstrators in the town of Falluja, killing at least 13 people according to witnesses.
A Palestinian militant dies in a strike by Israeli helicopter gunships in Gaza, while two others are reported killed in the West Bank.
Eleven militants and six army soldiers are killed in new violence, despite peace moves between India and Pakistan.

Wait... wait... uhm, wait. I don't care what your feelings about Saddam Hussein are, I mean, I hate the KKK but I still think they have a right to be heard (as I then have a right to publicly laugh at them back), that's the point of freedom, especially freedom of speech. So, how is this free?

Only in Tikrit, Hussein's home city, was there a march in his honor. About 200 supporters chanted, "With our blood and souls we shall redeem you, O Saddam." Some carried signs with Hussein's picture and the slogan "Down, down Bush!" in English.

At one point, U.S. troops in Army Humvees, along with two Bradley fighting vehicles, confronted the crowd. Using loudspeakers, they told the marchers in Arabic to return to their homes. "What you are doing is forbidden," the message said. "Otherwise, we will use force."

I smell some bullshit here.

In other news, more local, more personal, I once more extend my condolences to pegritz. :(

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