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OK, back to the news.

For those not in the "protest culture", one of the key worries from the left of center are those detained without any sort of protection. It's nice to see it coming to the attention of congress:

But Harman said she has urged the administration to "attach a legal process of some kind to everybody in custody. It's a mistake to leave people in limbo. That's exactly what we criticize other nations for."

Many suspected terrorists detained during the administration's declared war on terrorism have disappeared from public view, and have no access to lawyers, their families or international bodies such as the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Though, this is still a long way from actually dealing with the problem. Just as a reminder, remember that two of those detained were killed a couple months ago while undergoing torture (why else would they have been so banged up?), so we aren't above international law on this. Good article showing the non-American point of view from the BBC; note the part about the Geneva Convention. I love how we pay attention to the quibbling details of that at our own convenience.

For anyone concerned about the cultural implications of post-war Iraq, read this. While my American Agnostic-raised back gets covered with shivers when considering religion in the Middle East, and knowing that this often is grounds for persecution in that area, there are interesting points to be made about an Islamic state.

Well, after all of our crap about how we don't need the UN, guess we do. It's funny how this isn't in the American media, I'll note. I'm not even sure why not, since it might seem like an easy sale to the American public, though it's also pretty obviously tied to our need to sell their oil. Of course we need to sell their oil, how else are we paying for this war reconstruction?

Oooo, and back to my old long-standing hatred of the RIAA, they lost for once! More specifically the judge "ruled that product makers are not responsible for what consumers do with the products." For those who haven't been following the geekwatch on this sort of thing, if the RIAA and MPAA were allowed to continue their quest to squelch file-sharing, this would have had dire consequences for all kinds of internet services, and non-internet services.

In local news, Critical Mass bike riders were arrested yesterday. This is something that's been going on long enough that I was going to go riding with them way back when... then I broke my arm falling off my bike, oops. The guy in the pictures being arrested (the one in the back on the car, not the one being given a citation) is an anti-war protester, though, I have him in my own pictures, and I saw him at the Anti-Flag show. Tomorrow I protest again, I feel very ominous on this one, and I'm not marching. Sigh.

Oh, and hey, is that Joel in the orange?

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