gwen (gwenix) wrote,


me: You know Temple of Love, right?
jon: no?
me: Sisters of Mercy?
jon: Didn't they do a cover of Burn on Mortal Kombat? Or was that Sister Machinegun?
me: Sister Machine Gun.
me: You serious? You don't know Sisters of Mercy?
jon: I've heard of 'em.

I gaped. How can someone I've been talking to about music with for EIGHT YEARS not know Sisters of Mercy?????

I'm sure he'll kill me for posting this too. :)

Btw, Exalted game tonight was way cool, though crowded. Nothing like mass combat with 11 players and 12 characters (one person was playing both his lunar and solar character). I think we got through three rounds of combat in two hours (though we had a lot of fun in the doing so, and ripped the bloody hell out of some deathlord creations).
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