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I have a network!!!

So, I got three hours of sleep yesterday to knock me back onto daytime for my mini-vacation. But! slog and plexq are here!! So, they got here, we played games, ran some errands, then Alex played the piano while Sarah taught me how to knit (yes, shut up. No really, SHUT UP... I just wanna make the fingerless gloves you see in my previous mistaken post.) ... then vocis came over and she and Alex got the router she gave me set up and running so now I can run multiple computers here again! (And maybe now I'll learn router stuffs that doesn't involve ipfw or /etc/network/.)

So yah, then everyone else went home or to sleepy so Sarah and I watched the first few eps of .hack//Sign while I knitted. SHUT UP!

Then went bed, slept night, now awake, it's BUNNY DAY! Now to go make devilled eggs.

... SHUT UP!

(Happy Easter)
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