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This week on the Lu-NARs channel...

Last week we left off at the precipice of attack upon the mighty
army of the Virgin Warrior Women clothed only in blood! They cry
mightily, taunting us in their numbers of 500 to our 3 at point
and 1 herding the cattle and merry men.

Gengitsune and Gaum take flank to Furious Lotus' point, forming a
rough V formation to tackle the army straight into the middle of
this wall of women. Spirit Eyes is left behind the herd directing
their stampede straight to the newly wrought hole. The stampede
is due in a mere 30 seconds, it would seem a tough call that the
three can get enough of a gap to channel the stampede into in that

However, this is not an ordinary trio. They prove themselves worthy
of Luna herself tearing through over 100 troops; roughly half of
which are at Furious Lotus' hand alone! Gengitsune and Gaum nobly
backed him up taking out most the rest with their respective mighty
axe and brilliant tusks. The blood is heavy, the bodies are piled
high as the stampede emerges upon the scene, Spirit Eyes riding on
the lead steer.

Gengitsune and Gaum move to the pile of bodies to allow the passage
of the stampede, Furious Lotus continues forward in his genocidal
spree until he comes out the other side. Spirit Eyes danced across
the backs of the cow dismounting to take out a few of those left
and threatening wrangling before remounting and dancing back over
while the stampede runs through the very weakened point in the
army. Gengitsune jumps on Gaum's back (now an elephant), Gaum
starts to follow the herd.

But lo! The herd has slowed down to a near stop! The wall of
women is still too thick and intimidating, and they do not penetrate
it! However, Gengitsune lets out a tremendously inspiring battle
cry, and the army finally splits to let the herd continue its
stampede through. All of the glorious Lunars follow along, the
merry men ride in behind. They are safely through.

They continue into the night, Gaum now taking the lead (and shrugging
Gengitsune off his back); much distance is gained. At camp that
night there is finally time to appraise the take -- reports from
the Men calculate the herd to be approximately 2700 head. Incredible!

However, this impressive haul proves to make the dispersal difficult.
The Lunars discuss over breakfast what can and should be done with
them when the surprise guests arrive. They're cats, lions, and they
seem pretty spooked. Gaum goes to communicate with them, and it is
discovered that they are the local Fae, those who like to hunt mortals
after seducing them into agreeing to be the prey. Gaum offers head
for safe passage through their land, Gengitsune and Spirit Eyes split
200 from the herd for the Fairy Lions to chase, then the Lunars and
their party depart quickly for the Fox's Den.

The rest of the journey is quick and uneventful. Upon return, the
cattle are split and given to the poor, Spirit Eyes takes a few
tens to her people as well. All discuss the meaning of this to
the Pack. It is decided that they were asked to work together for
the sake of learning to work together and that they should await
further orders from the Elders.

They rest and study their crafts and wait.


Out of character quotes worth mentioning:

Aleris: There's dice in my butt, and I can't get them to roll!
Hudson: Well, I'm not Captain Logarithm over there.
Spyder: I roll 5 dice and get 8 successes. It's not impossible!
Geoff: The tallest pile of bodies is this tall.
Hudson: It's Pick On Aleris Night!
Aleris: I hate gaming!
Geoff: Most people build their glory on bodies.
Spyder: Well good thing we're doing that too.
Geoff: You have 2700 cattle! If you continue with these, you will
have two cow in hiding under every bridge and in every haystack in
every county!

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