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So, it's the last week of classes. To give you an idea of my hell right now, here's my yesterday:

9am: woke up
10:30am: sat down to write up outline for essay
11:30am: sat down at computer to write up essay
12:30pm: finished the 1486 word paper, turned it in
1:30pm: bathed, got dressed, etc (debated nap, didn't happen after getting involved in an online discussion on the liklihood of us going to war with Syria)
3:30pm: got ride to incline, headed to class
4:30pm-7pm: class
-- got back midterm 2, received 75/100 on it (which is the passing I expected)
-- got back extra credit quiz, received 48.5/50 on it. OK, that brings my grade up one full letter
8pm: met my mom at Tom's Diner for dinner
9pm: was planning on going to Beehive to work on Assembly assignment, then realized my exhaustion so went home for nap.
9:30pm-11pm: napped, had this dream. Newp, not stressed.
11:30pm: coworker picks me up for work
midnight-8am: work (and tonight we actually had stuff to do!)

Tomorrow I wake up at noon, leave the house by 2pm so I can get to H&R Block to finally pay them to get my taxes off, go to the bank to get the money order for the lawyer, then go meet the lawyer at 3:30pm. And somewhere after this, I'll *need* to get my assembly done, it's due Wednesday night at midnight.


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