gwen (gwenix) wrote,

So, an interesting little realization I'm having. I decided to look up the definition of Democracy on a whim, and found myself wading through many pages of rantings on the drawbacks of direct or "pure" Democracies, the drawbacks of representative Democracies, the vile nature of the U.S. purporting it is a democracy, and other such wonderful conspiratorial sites. But finally I found this site which seems to provide a reasonable (I use this with a pro-American bias, of course) definition:

Democracy is about the people and their power. The power or authority exercised in a democracy is derived, directly or indirectly, from the people in one of two forms:

Direct democracy: This is where everyone is given the opportunity to participate in making all policy decisions. In countries and large organizations, direct democracy is rarely utilized.
Representative democracy: This approach entails people voting to elect representatives in a free and fair electoral system to make policy for them under a wide range of checks and balances to help ensure leadership accountability.

The fact that it underlines the checks and balances is interesting, and I realize that it is, in fact, very important. You see, it is the process of checks and balances that keep us from being a Monarchy, Dictatorship, etc. The process of frequent election is only part of the process, keeping the powers reigned in at the head of the state is also very important to prevent the pitfalls of despotism. At that point I remembered that the current administration is seeking to remove many of these vital checks and balances with the Patriot II Act.

So then I realized.... we're placing them in charge of giving the Iraqi people "freedom and democracy"; but they don't even know what that means. This frightens me. It really does.

Furthermore, this talk of America First and Foremost (no checks or balances on our world position) is absolutely a despotism to the world. And yes, folks, we have tortured and killed people in the past two months. Think back a moment to Afghanistan (you know, that other war we're still fighting?)

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