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Well, I'll post the log of the Lunars game later tonight, but saying
what a wonderful day I had yday! Spiderman was fun, I could have
dealt with less mushgush and more sarcasm, but it was good fun
anyway. Lunars went really well, more on that in next post. Then
I went to 80s night and mari decided I *had* to have a celebration
for my birfday and brought cupcakes and a candle and made me blow
it out. But! By then the day was mostly over so the curse was



And I got really really drunk and went back to Aleris' with Geoff
and we all hung out and drunkenly goobed until 5am. Then I slept!

Best birthday ever!

Ok, now I'm off to bathe and then Sarah's coming over for a brief
visit, then a graduation party, then work! Ack! Good thing I have
off Sunday and Monday night, I think I'll need the time for sleep
and prep for CLASS.

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