gwen (gwenix) wrote,

bah, I tried to hold off on news reading ...

I'm grateful I wasn't sprayed with sting grenades. Geezus, is this really within the bounds of the Geneva Convention on Chemical Weapons pretty hard.

North Korea, same North Korean story we've heard from kim_jong_il__.

Wait, how long have the Iraqi people gone without water? No, really, how long has it been? Especially with the casualties coming into hospitals at up to rate of 100 an hour according the the International Red Cross, this is getting pretty scary. Ok, here's where you can say it with me, "I thought we were supposed to be saving these people?"

And yadda yadda, we're all going to die of SARS, yadda. But the most interesting story to me today is the one of us injuring the Russian convoy. Here's what the Washington Post had to say (text about 10 paragraphs down):

Rice, Putin Seek to Mend Fences
Rice, meanwhile, expressed U.S. regret over an incident in Iraq on Sunday in which a convoy of 23 Russian diplomats and journalists came under fire from U.S. forces, officials said. Vladimir Titorenko, the Russian ambassador to Iraq who was leading the group, today accused U.S. troops of deliberately firing on the eight-car column, Russian news media reported. Rice told Putin that "no harm was intended" in the incident, in which five members of the Russian Embassy staff were wounded.

The U.S. Central Command initially denied that any allied forces were near the convoy. But the senior U.S. diplomat today acknowledged that the Russians were caught in a firefight between U.S. and Iraqi forces and called the incident "unfortunate."

Meanwhile, the Moscow Times says (text first paragraph):

Russia's Ambassador Accuses U.S. of Firing on Convoy
Russia's ambassador to Iraq on Monday accused American troops of firing on his convoy outside Baghdad, but a U.S. diplomat said it was still unclear who was responsible for the incident.

Now I *do* realize that Russia's media has the reputation of making ours look like utterly impeccable scientific facts without bias; but man, if this is what they're telling their people.... I'm sorry but that's not really a good sign.

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