gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Oh, if only I had the money...

I would so buy this t-shirt from Diesel Sweeties:

But then I'd probably have to write in, "just me."

Anyway, had a bit of a panic this morning. Went out the front door to the main hallway between offices, found blood by the door. I grabbed my coworker to see if he thought the red stuff smeared on the wall was blood too, while he was concurring, a lady came in for work down the hall, and announced, "It looks like someone tried to break in!" Sure enough... so I called 911 (yay cell). Then we found the mess of blood in the vending room. Then the cops came, and found the guy in the lady's office. Apparently very drunk. Apparently got bloody trying to pull some stuff out of the vending machines.

But for a bit there, it was pretty scary.

Ok, whomever has rung up excitement for my life, you may now cancel the order. I am excited out. Please move on to your next target. Thank you.

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