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The running inner dialogue

So, uhm, why is the New York Times publishing an article about people crying in Wal-Mart? No, sorry, that is not national news.

This is an incredible commentary on the post-war concerns, concerns which I share. The article does cover the concerns of who gets to rule post-war Iraq, and further discovers the hint that Iran is next on the list:

It gets worse. John Bolton, assistant secretary of state, visiting the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs in London, was already musing publicly on a coming pre-emptive strike on Iran. Russia is building Iran a nuclear capability that could give it weapons within months, he said. Better to knock it out first - a necessity as soon as it is spoken. For Iran faced with Iraq as a US satellite on one side with Israel's nuclear power on the other will respond to this pincer threat. The director of the Royal Institute listened to Bolton aghast. US conviction that a free Iraq will spread light and freedom all about it is not shared by those who know the region.

The hints of Iran and Syria being next have been thrown around. I *really* hope that this does not come true, and for all of you who have asked, "Why continue to protest?" this is one very big reason. I have said this for years, the Middle East is an incredibly volatile region, and our being in there only stirs it up more. Our leaders are right now ready to jump at any chance to take another country in there over, and the area is such that "any chance" always presents itself. However, each action we make invariably causes incredible counter-actions; then we wonder why that happened. I don't think the current leadership unchecked will stop with Afghanistan and Iraq, nor with Iran. I will continue to oppose this.

Er, wow, can one of you Canadians explain banning groups, making it illegal to even contribute money, because of possible terrorist activity? May I ask what defines terrorist activity in this case?

I normally leave out the discussion of the SARS thing, but the recent Flight Attendant request is something I'm kind of close to. My current roommate is one, and she came home in a bit of a fuss yesterday afraid of flying to Toronto because of SARS, and noted that her airline is refusing to release any information on the disease and procedure for Flight Attendants.

I haven't decided which of the Democratic nominees I'll support in the next election -- yes, I am one of the 38% of America who has already decided they would vote for the Democratic nomination, regardless of who that is, come next election -- I am hoping that they just pick a good one. Hell, I'm considering changing my party so that I can vote in the primaries. In any case, the point of this paragraph; Kerry has been a strong choice among the candidates thus far, though it appears he made a risky choice of phrase that might well have blown it for him. Part of why I realize this could have blown it for him is because it just upped my respect for him about 400%, you go Senator Kerry with your own bad self.

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