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it's that time again.

If you think my arrest will stop my torrent of political commentary, think again.

So, this is a very interesting article supplied by a friend. In short, it summarizes about how we supplied Iraq with its chemical weapons in the late 80's, citing many good authorities including the Washington Post and Congressional Record. What surprises me in this is how much Reagan supported them, but the current Hawkish Wolfowitz followers are supposedly "neo-Reaganite". Wolfowitz has even been around since that time. So, this really spells out a doctrine of "Ok, we'll give it to you until we want it back." Guess Israel's days are numbered too.

Dear lord, this is the cutest picture of war I think I've ever seen. Thank you CNN for making this war into a japanese video game!

For everyone who thought there would be dancing in the streets at our "arrival", this article from CNN might put that belief to rest. Also, *very* important,

"Syria has chosen to align itself with the brotherly Iraqi people who are facing an illegal and unjustified invasion and against whom are being committed all sorts of crimes against humanity," a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement.

Yes, they do know this puts them directly into our path.

Back to the original topic, this article from CNN has us hunting for the General in charge of... guess what? The Chemical attacks of 1988. You know, the ones we gave them the chemicals for?

Man, I go away for a weekend, and CNN becomes useful!

Again, more frightening news from the leftist sector (in this case, The Guardian). When this starts to come true, remember, you heard it here first. But why is it frightening? Read some Jamaican history. Look at the similarity. Then read the Arab reviews of this war, and start to understand why us dissenters claim that this is only making more terrorists.

I know y'all have seen this already, but looking at it again just makes me sick. Isolationism isn't taking over the world. Moral isn't taking over the world. This, however, is taking over the world.

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