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The RPG character meme

Name: gwen
Alias: gwenix, gw3n, Vampyra Daisy
Years roleplaying: 16 now? Gah.
Favourite three characters? Fleta, cleric of the first long term campaign I was in (Palladium), sucked that Phat Man Dee turned her to the silly (yes folks, I gamed with Phat Man Dee back in the day, explains lots, don't it?); Flutterby, butterfly assassin in bluelang's Everway campaign; Motoko, the foo dog in Geoff's long running Monstercross Feng Shui campaign.
Least favourite character? No idea, I tend to just not think about the stuff I didn't like.
Male or female characters? female. I just relate to strongly to my gender identity to be able to effectively play an alternate gender well.
Oldest character? Erg, a D&D character given me by Jeff my freshmen year of high school. After I'd been trying to break into gaming for so long (had since I was 10), you'd think I remembered it better.
Newest character? Calliope Swanson, a Smart Hero art forensics expert for bruceb's D20 Modern game.
Most popular character? Either Kathleen, the Ventrue primogen for what, 2, 3 years? back in the start of the House of the Unknown here in Pittsburgh; or the Brujah anarch I played who got the princedom of the city in one troupe LARP. Oh yah, now that some of you old LARP ppl are on this list... that Brujah's pack was a mix of anarchs and sabbat... Wow, I just remembered my brother even was in that LARP with us.
Character you've never played? I really want to play the Malkavian with Seasonal Affective Disorder. She'd be a blue book character at a LARP, but would also make her not an annoying Malk.

Which character of yours would be most likely to...

Jump off a bridge? Flutterby, she had wings. Actually, Blue (the GM) got really frustrated when he was trying to do some sort of sneaky death trap saving, rescuing the party from hanging. Meanwhile, Flutterby just flew off.
Get drunk and pass out? Spirit Eyes, current Lunar character. She did. Well, after having to be tossed out of the tree she was communing with.
Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way? All of them. Ok, most likely... Flutterby, Spirit Eyes, or Motoko. Actually, the character I played in Zach's Abyssals game at SimCon this past weekend killed someone with a shingle from the roof, so probably that wins.
Get Married? Motoko did get married in game to another of the party.
Be far too hyper for their own good? Motoko.
Get lost and refuse to ask for directions? Spirit Eyes.
Get lung cancer? A Cyberpunk character I played in SLC, can't remember her name.
Star in a horror movie? All of them. That's just the sort of game I tend to be in.
Star in a whore movie? Heh. Nobilis campaign, the Aspect of Love. She actually was found.. well, never mind.
Star in a video game? Motoko; could you resist playing a foo dog with fire? No, I didn't think so.
Make the world a better place? "Better" being subjective, Kathleen the Ventrue.
Have a torrid gay love affair? That cyberpunk character was involved with the other chick in the party. We played mercilessly with the one guy in the party too, but JT loved it. Yes, I was 19, yes, in game/out game ran sort of loosely back then with the company I kept.

Relate each word to a character of yours:
Love: Motoko.
Hate: Flutterby.
Money: Kathleen.
Seduction: The Aspect of Love.
Lies: The Brujah Anarch.
Tragedy: Flutterby.
Manipulation: Kathleen (heh, of COURSE)
Violence: Spirit Eyes.
Politics: Kathleen.
Fire: Motoko!
Ice: That cyberpunk character -- it was a theme at the time.

Play a prostitute? heh, yup.
Play a musician? yes, every time I play a Daughters of Cacophany.
Play a pilot? Zach's Adventure game last month!
Play a homosexual? Cyberpunk.
Play a pedophile? Motoko was a child? Well, not physically... she was over a century old that way, just had spent a century (since she was 11) as stone.
Play a politician? Does Primogen count? If so, many times. Else, no.
Create a character for the sole purpose of smut? Heh. Well, duh.

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