gwen (gwenix) wrote,


The last 20 songs on my mp3 player:

The Unseen Are We Dead Yet
Negativland Shake Your Pants #2
Magnetic Fields For We Are The King Of The Boudoir
Bob Marley Buffalo Soldier
Peter Gabriel Mercy Street
Anti-Flag I Don't Believe
Flesh Field Damnation
Iggy Pop and the Stooges Search and Destroy
David Holmes No Man's Land
Faust Lauft... Heisst Das Es Lauft Oder Es Kommt Bald
The Fall The $500 Bottle of Wine
Informatik Now Here
Isaac Hayes No Name Bar
Snog The Meat Boutique
Xorcist Bonus Track
Concrete Blonde Violent
Backlash Impetus
Stromkern The Surgeon
The White Stripes I Can't Wait
The Soup Dragons Running Wild

So, what's the betting pool at on how long it is before Moyer kills me for my musical tastes?

Yes, folks, this is my official first announcement. The one, the only, the gaYe one himself, Moyer, is moving into Pooka's place at the end of April. Yes, I have been warned, I'm sure he has too. :)
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