gwen (gwenix) wrote,

The rest of the news tonight..

Can honestly be summed up in this article. Yes, it is the Guardian, but it is what I'm reading elsewhere.,3604,922611,00.html
As eyes of the world focus on Iraq, the rest of the world's hot spots get hotter

I have been watching the Kashmir situation for a while. There is a lot of reason to implicate Pakistan in the Kashmir massacre; not that India is faultless for taking the province in the first place. However, things are just getting nasty over there. I'd like to also point out that eyebeams posted recently that Pakistan funded the airplanes that flew into certain buildings... wait, why are they our allies?

North Korea. Well, vkn posted a lot on the subject. I'll leave that one there.

A certain coworker of mine and I like to get into our debates when getting into the office being from fundamentally different points of view on the world. We do so with a lot of respect, actually, and have learned from each other on issues. So, when the girl in Israel met her horrible end with the bulldozer, he called me over to say, "Did you see that dumbass protester who got killed? What a moron!" I knew he was just trying to get my goat, and I was too sick about it to argue much past, "The pictures show line of sight, he knew she was there." Later, eyebeams posted a link to her final emails to her family; I've yet to find the stomach (and privacy for crying) to read through these well, but I did send the link to my coworker as he'd asked about her motives. The next day he said he'd changed his mind about the problems in Israel.

There are many articles in non-US papers (one of the top stories on Google, actually) about how Russia is complaining about our flying over Georgian airspace and not accepting our reasons for it.

Rhetorically, facetiously, while in the middle of going through my news feed, I exclaimed on my IRC channel, "ARE WE TRYING TO START WWIII????" I was surprised at who immediately said, "yes." It's not one of our usual alarmist conspiracy theorist barons, nor one of us doing the protests, but rather it was one of our usual cynical bastards who try to keep things from going overboard. Now, I honestly do think we have a long way to go before the world is willing to take action that would inspire WWIII; but as I said before, we're going to have a lot of reparation to do to our global diplomacy, and soon.

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