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Thanks to iuz for pointing out The Political Compass:

Economic Left/Right: -2.62
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -6.92

The funny thing about these scores is that after I took the test, it plotted them on a suddenly familiar graph ... the same one that I found on a pamphlet in 1991. You see, when I was a young freshman on the University of Utah campus, I was given a pamphlet by a young liberatarian for his party that had a quiz with a few questions (I forget how many, under ten I'm sure). I did the quiz, and found that the results it gave me was "Totalitarian, up there with Mousellini" (on the graph, extreme Authoritarian, I think my numbers would have been 0 and +7 respectively). I returned the pamphlet, and argued with the guy for how badly his party's PR was when they so thoroughly insulted someone who (I knew at the time) was likely a target demographic. Hey, he was cute, it was an excuse to talk to him. :)

So, I know I saw the same questions on this quiz, and I know I answered them pretty much the same way. Now I'm pretty much being called the opposite of the 1991 decision about my political leanings. Rawk.

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