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news findings for the morning.

I love the difference in headlines you find between papers:

Arab League lines up behind Iraq

Arab States Avoid Ban on Aiding U.S.-Led Troops

Arab League: Coalition should withdraw from Iraq; Libya praises 'Iraqi heroism'

Arab League wants Yanks, Britain out

Arab league foreign ministers condemn invasion of Iraq,3367,1429_W_816811,00.html

War Roils the Arab League, and Highlights Divisions

Arab League 'salutes Iraqis'

The basic gist of all the articles is that the Arab League got together to draft and anti-war proposal asking the Coalition to please leave. They tried to get a ruling about not allowing anyone to aid the Coalition, but that was not put on due to Kuwait's objections as they have been bombed by a few Iraqi missiles.

Further, U.S. Plans to Create Military Command in Northern Iraq
Effort Aims to Avert Turkish Deployment In Kurdish Region

This article has the stunning line,

but said it meant the United States would "coordinate" humanitarian aid and "provide a democracy" that would ensure minority rights in Iraq's Kurdish region.

I know we don't realize this here in the lovely minority led USA, but democracies are fundamentally designed to follow the majority rights, not the minority. Brilliant. In any case, we're putting people in the north to protect the Kurds from the Turks.

Annan calls for urgent relief for Basra

They're out of food and water. The UN is asking that we send in supplies and electricity.

Basra now 'military target'

Our response is that in order to get the humanitarian aid into Basra, which is now surprisingly filled with Iraqi soldiers, we're going to "target the Iraqi military" with bombs.

I shake my head while watching us piss off the very people who surround the country our forces are in right now. How on earth can we "restore peace" for a country in this sort of political nightmare?
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