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SimCon good. War bad. Me tired.

Ok, more details: SimCon was small, cozy, and perfect for hanging out with the good folks I know from so many cons past. I got to meet a few new people as well, also good folks. Much fun, laughter, and drunkenness have ensued. Also, I got the new Catan game (Settlers of the Stone Age). Oh, and played in a fun game of Abyssals with Zach, whee!

Watched a lot of CNN, came to the conclusion that anything that is "breaking news" will have its facts changed, rotated, lubed, and refilled for the next several hours until the final story resembles nothing of the original. I have also come to the conclusion, once again, that TV sucks and am now trying to rapidly catch up on my "printed" news streams.

I switched to daytime for con, now back on nighttime for work. I am so tired, I had to stop reading the news streams as the screen was turning to the fuzziness. I also neglected most of your ljs; I'd apologize but I'm not really sorry. I will go home for sleep in a few minutes, hoping I manage to wake up for class in time.

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