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well, erg.

So, first of all, a public apology to sk4p, as I stood him up for coffee tonight. I simply forgot it was Wednesday in my desperation to get the essay done. Gah. :(

Second of all, I realize that my news post yesterday was unclear. A word of explanation:

One month ago, I started saying, "Geez, all we need now is the assassination of the leader of some small volatile country!" I find it scary that it happened.

And it looks like the assassination occurred over the fight between pro and anti democracy factions. You can all hate me for saying this now, but I think that this whole set of circumstances we are going through now is the start of the end of the Democratic Morality dominating the world. I don't yet know what will come next to supercede it, or perhaps it will be a new version of Democracy with a new title, but I think there are going to be some pretty major shifts in the next few decades.
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