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uh, yup.

So, uh, I went to the wrong floor looking for the Hillman Computer Lab. I only worked here for two years, you'd think I could still find it. Somewhere, Hyper Jeff is suddenly laughing hysterically at me, because he just *knows*.

So, anyway, I'm really stressy. Spring break is over, and I realized that I've been procrastinating doing my old trick of "MUST MAINTAIN GRADES!!! butwhatifidon'tdothisassignmentwell? MUST MAINTAIN GRADES!!! whatifididn'tgetanaontheexam??? ACK!!!" So, now I have an essay due in two days that I haven't started, a programming assignment due next week I haven't even opened the book for, or have any clue on how to implement in assembly, and the semester ends in a month.

Fartknockles. Well, at least I realized this now. Get a grip gwen, all you need are C's, just get the work done and you'll get that. Higher grades are just icing, always remember that. My mantra, chantchant.

On the other hand, I think I got my sleep habits finally back on track. This is a very very very good thing, or else I'd not be able to pull myself out of this one.
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