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Growing up, the people across the street from us owned the local fencing company, and loved to have the neighborhood kids around. Their kids were older enough than me that I saw them as my babysitters, and later as the college kids who came by to give us younger kids advice, but the whole family never stopped being involved with the neighborhood. Part of their involvement was letting all of the neighborhood kids use their basketball court; I got a picture of it yesterday while over at Mom's house:

I spent a lot of time in that court playing basketball or climbing around in the alley behind it in my youth. Between the ages of 7 and 11 years old, I got into a lot of fights with the boy who lived in the house behind that court. I still remember his mom coming out one day to say, "If Andre says he's going to bash your head in, he's going to bash your head in!" Of course, he never did, though he did threaten to burn my house down one day much later.

In later years the group I hung out with from the street behind my mom's house would come down to play lots of basketball. I was one of two who could shoot 3-pointers (Jason being the other), Jodie and Ian were better at the alley-oops, Stephanie was the most fearsome blocker. We'd play for hours back there. I'd say it was one of the few activities we had where we weren't getting into trouble, but then there used to also be a garage next to the court that we used as our "clubhouse", and would stash our beer and cigarettes in there.

The court is in such sad shape now. :(

Also, my mom has a new cat. She wants my brother, Kathy, and I to name it. I am terrible with names, but I'm dutifully putting up a picture of the cat for Ben and Kathy to see:

It is cute, and hyper, and needs a lot of attention. I'm kinda tempted to recommend "Jeff" in honor of our Seattle friend.... :)

More pics I gathered in my mom-trip are at:

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