gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Ok, see, I just don't get this. The United States is prepared to go off and fight this war alone, because "they have not made a strategic decision to comply with 1441" (Colin Powell). They are ready to completely ignore the wishes of the UN to do this... but, isn't that a UN resolution?

This is the thing I just don't understand how Bush is justifying, and why any of you are following it. No, I know I'm making a combatitive statement here, but I really just plain do not get it. If it's someone else's resolution, it's someone else's war to make; why are we pre-empting their rights in that matter?

I mean, would we like it if Russia just suddenly said, "Ok, since Terrorism has been so difficult for you, USA, we just took over the entire Middle East for you. Aren't you happy we saved you!"

No, really. And isn't that pretty much what we were fighting when we started handing out weapons to people in the Middle East?

I just don't get it.
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