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Ok, something I didn't expect to go through:
Council urges diplomacy for Iraq

Pittsburgh City Council yesterday passed a resolution urging the nation's leaders to concentrate on diplomatic solutions before rushing into a war with Iraq, making it the 125th city nationwide to do so.

Most such resolutions, however, are called "anti-war" resolutions. Pittsburgh's is carefully labeled "pro-diplomacy."

My comment: Fantastic!!!! You know, most of us "anti-war" types want to see the diplomacy happen first too.

A sobering line near the end, though:

The revised resolution also notes that 50 percent of the Iraqi people are under age 15...

[edit later...]

Also found in today's local news:

Lead singer and guitarist for Anti-Flag posts an editorial, Justin Sane: Be a good American and question Bush's war plan.

Ok, I have some newfound respect for this city of mine. Where else would you find one of the lead punks posting to the most mainstream news site, and have it be on the headlines on the web site? (I dunno about print, though.) Sweet.

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