gwen (gwenix) wrote,

pictures are forthcoming...

Today was absolutely insane. I thought I'd just go to the rally, then head off. But, I was so amazed by the number of people actually marching without the permits (pretty much everyone at the rally), I grabbed my camera and ran ahead, behind, beside the march and snapped shots of everything.

The cops were awesome. They were omnipresent and definitely making themselves known, but they let things continue and did what they could to help keep order despite there being none. I found out later that the PA cops are actually signed as anti-war, so they're supporters for the cause, sweet.

I'm sure arrests were made after we broke off from the march... the part we participated in went down Fifth, turned up Cardiac Hill (which I ran up to keep ahead of the marchers with my camera, oi), past the Pitt Stadium with its game just starting, back down Cardiac Hill to Forbes, then back to the Union.... then it CONTINUED around the Cathedral. The cops stopped the march mid-point of Bellefield by a massive push from cars coming up the sidewalk, so everyone cut across the Cathedral lawn, then came down to Forbes again. This is where there was a lull while people decided what to do, then some small part of the crowd kept going (complete with massive police entourage), but we stayed behind sure that arrests were forthcoming for the rest of it.

Then we went to EatNPuke and gabbered for a while. I'll post the pics from the illegal marching I did today.

Wow, that was totally insane.

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