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Musicians join with antiwar group

"I remember the Cuban missile crisis. That was right off our shore. We didn't go to war then," said classic musician Lou Reed, who watched the Twin Towers fall from his apartment in downtown Manhattan. "We don't have to go to war with Iraq. I think you should try everything conceivable first."

I *heart* Lou Reed.

Censure for Iraq in leaked Blix report,2763,904757,00.html

I really wish Saddam would take more advantage of the anti-war sentiments and show he wants peace too, though it is mentioned:

As a caveat, it notes that Iraq has in the past month or so begun to offer more aid to the weapons inspectors, and says there is the possibility that a new spirit of cooperation could yet yield results. "It's a mixed bag," one council diplomat said of the report, which is currently being translated.

So hopefully he is.

I also like the double paragraph set:

It adds that the Iraq commission, established to search for and present any banned weapons, had so far proved disappointing - offering only a "few findings: four empty 122mm chemical munitions and recently, two BW aerial bombs and some associated components".

But again, the report suggests more hopeful recent developments. It says the commission has found documents "concerning Iraq's unilateral destruction of proscribed items" which are now being examined.


Other news sources are emphasizing that Iraq has agreed to destroy the Al Samoud missiles, for instace:

Baghdad labels Bush "a maniac" for plans to depose Saddam

Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri slammed US President George W. Bush Thursday as ?a maniac? a day after the US leader declared that deposing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein would help build democracy and peace in the Middle East.
"He's a maniac and mad, that's all I have to say," Sabri said at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh where he and his regional counterparts were meeting ahead of an Arab summit Saturday.

Bush, building his case for war, said Wednesday that a new government in Iraq could feed a democratic movement across the Middle East, and vowed the United States would only stay in Iraq as long as necessary.

Two things to note.

1) So, it does indeed seem we're planning on taking over Iraq. Sick feeling commencing.

2) I've long pointed out that Revolution does not change the mindsets of the people involved. The Middle East will not restabilise just because we're there, that's a totally ridiculous assumption. They will still have their feelings of boundaries, "us/them" mentalities, and sentiments of revenge stemming from the ages of fighting amongst themselves.

Western civilisation sticking around and "occupying" an area has historically only served to usurp a culture; often with the purpose of extracating its own resources for our own purposes. Our presence will not "stabilise", it will only set us up as the "dominators". What will a people used to violence and generational usurption do about something like this? Well, expect more terrorist attacks, folks. Because that's the formula for it.

Algeria accused of killing thousands in secret war

Algeria's powerful military rulers have been accused of allowing the "disappearances" of at least 7,000 people during an undeclared civil war with radical Islamists they have waged over the past 10 years.

An investigation by Human Rights Watch in New York concluded yesterday that the Algerian leadership was guilty of gross human rights violations. Algeria had "utterly failed" to investigate the thousands of civilians made to "disappear" by the state security forces between 1992 and 1998, who remain unaccounted for. "None of the missing has returned and no one has been held accountable for their disappearance," it said.


Since the 11 September atrocities, the government has enjoyed a thaw in relations with the West thanks to its self-proclaimed record on tackling terrorism.

America, which suspended aid to Algeria after the cancellation of the 1992 elections and the ensuing bloodshed, announced recently that it would resume the sale of military equipment to the Algerian government to help it combat Islamic militants.

Lovely, let's send them guns to kill more people.

This is what your moral Leader of the Free World and Humanitarian is doing, folks. I mean, really, if this really were a war about human rights, would we be doing that?

I'm getting that sick feeling back.

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