gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Following yet another meme....

I prolly shouldn't do one of these things when I'm in my cranky sleep-dep bitter mode, but...

Who: gwen, female, "not yet 30", gamergothgeek, Unix Systems Administrator, CS college student.

Where: Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Doing What: work at pair Networks, school at University of Pittsburgh. Part of Geoff Grabowski's gaming group, thus occasional playtester for the RPG industry by some category of luck.

Alignments: agnostic, anti-war, nocturnal, geek.

Tastes: Food -- "Not land roving creatures" vegetarian (I eat seafood and fish). Music -- Goth and its ilk, classical, techno/triphop, noise, krautrock, punk, etc etc. Books -- Victorian Gothic (yah yah, I know, typical), non-fiction, philosophy, Cyberpunk. Computer -- FreeBSD.

Distastes: Dishonesty and its brother Hypocrisy. Anything else comes and goes.

Niggling little details: Maxx the Cat rules my life, no time for dealing with social matters generally speaking, spend way too much time in front of a monitor for my own good I'm sure, occasionally I recover my sanity by running off to the woods for a weekend of camping. I also get out of town in general as much as possible.

Lifelong bêtes noire: Nomadic tendencies, extreme. Cannot hold a relationship longer than nine months (record), usually no longer than 1-3. Horrible with paperwork.

I wanna: Get a degree, hopefully do well enough to get another degree and move on to professor. If not, I'll go toolsmithing. Move out of Pittsburgh. Hold a relationship for longer than one year someday would be nice too. And I'd like to do something that has real meaning.

By the way, as a complete non-sequitor, congratulations to the Grrl for deciding to go back to school in the fall. :) :) :)

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