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Yay, pretty much had the whole party at the Lunars game tonight!
The session was good with us finally getting started in figuring
out party dynamics and combat strategies and whatnot. Already,
Aleris' character ("The Fox", or our Robin Hood character) and mine
(snow leopard Tribal Goddess) aren't getting along for a difference
of philosophies in dealing with cultish humans. Hudson's char
("Ganesh", or our Elephant Wise Man) and Spyder's char ("Tiger",
the Thing In The Woods With The Big Sword) are buddying up very
well over their love of the fight. Is good fun.

Tonight's session also had us finishing the combat from last week,
finding The Fox, then travelling with him and his Merry Men to
... Harpshead? Hornshead? dammit, I was kinda not sober at that
point .. and going after the cattle we were to steal. We decided
to have the Tiger scout in and kill most of the herdsmen, then the
rest of us would come in and start herding the cattle out ourselves.
Well, of course, this lasted until the border when we met with the

After a bit we realized they were trying to flank us into the Wyld
section, so after some discussion... Hey! Why don't we just rush
them with our cattle stampeding? So, Tiger and Ganesh went forward
under stealth, The Fox took middle ground, I stayed back and waited
for the signal. Up pops The Fox from the grasses and lobs 45 (yes,
45) arrows in just as many seconds at the army, killing 45 men
dead. Tiger and Ganesh burn peripheral and light up the front in
wonderful displays of death and mayhem, this being my signal to
get the cattle stampeding; they were forward to distract so that
the cattle can crush through them without too many arrows lobbed

But wait! These are master herdsmen we're fighting! They *all*
drop to various stances, wrestling some heads here or there, and
get the cattle going BACK! So, I now burn my own periph essence
(and look into the Matrix), and glow with enough anima and presence
to turn the cattle back around; The Tiger's standing in wait at
the front in a defensive stance watching the army around him; The
Fox and Ganesh have teamed up and are rallying the Merry Men into
action; and this is where we cut until next week...

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