gwen (gwenix) wrote,

What a day!

So, now that lj is letting me in, I can finally post about my fantastic day!

Well, before I even do that, I would like to announce to everyone who is in Pittsburgh:

If you have not seen "The Vagina Monologues", go see it.

David Lawrence Hall Auditorium
Thursday, Friday, Saturday (this week)
$5 w/ student ID, $10 w/o.

Ok, that being said, my day:

I went to Jess' hairdressing salon, sat in her chair for two hours while reading my Cult Anth book and she did all kinds of good things to my hair. So, now it is cut, and dyed a base of purply-brown with bright violet highlights. It is really really really cool and I totally love it. Yes, I will have pictures soon.

And this is dye that should last 2 months. Woot!

I rushed out the door of the hair appointment to get to Assembly class, unfortunately late. But, I was there for long enough to see where we're at. I think I have a mid-term Monday, so I'll be studying while in Columbus.

Cultural Anthropology next, and we spent the entire class time discussing the racism that has developed in the world as a direct result of the Colonialism and Imperialism of the Industrial Revolution. I could write a lot about this, but I'll save that for the essay (we were handed our questions for the next essay today, you know which one I'm taking).

Then I rushed out to meet up with Wandi for The Vagina Monologues. I was late for that as well, because I thought it was on Pitt campus for the whole run, but in fact tonight's show was on CMU campus. However, I got there only a couple minutes after it started, so missed only a few lines.

Wow, is that incredible. It touched on a lot of issues of feminism through the construct (sometimes symbolic, sometimes literal) of the vagina. Much of it is done as single actors on stage (thus "Monologues") recreating interviews they've had with various people. One of these people was from Slovakia and describes the torture and rape and pillage of her village by military. One of these people was an Afghani woman, stranded after the Taliban killed her husband and children, told in poetic form. Then there was the interview with the Hooker who only caters to women as a dominatrix, and went on a hysterical list (with imitation) of the sorts of orgasms women have. In between the monologues were facts and figures given out, some audience participation sets, and other asundry things. Very very very good show.

I went to Zombo's, but not for long, Ray is still being in wuv with Christine, so they didn't show up, leaving me to find someone random to hang with. I did find Brian Gardner there, but he was there with Matt Egan. So I chatted with Brian for an hour while watching Matt ignore me (if you don't know the story, it's not worth repeating). That was pretty funny.

So, then I got to work, and I'm amazed I'm still up and not sleepy despite only getting 3 hours of sleep and having this loaded day.

Oh, and my camera is between New Stanton and Pittsburgh now. :)

Yay good day!!!!

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