gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Hey! uberjames, jsbillings, and mizmoose!!

Could one of you please email me ( a list of servers for the sage channel? catch22 hates me now.

In other news, Ray, Christine, icouldhavelied, Pauly, and I went out in the blizzard that had already deposited half a foot of snow to .... yes, we're insane ... go to Punk Karaoke.


Now I'm at work, wondering how I'll get home tomorrow morning. Woot!

Also, got this really really really cool letter from Ranju about

You may also be pleased to hear that a medical school in the US has decided to sponsor some of its students annually to work with the Missionaries of Charity after one student came upon the site and brought it to the attention of her colleagues. There can be no greater acknowledgment of the work the Sisters devote themselves to than the return year after year of dedicated volunteers.

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