gwen (gwenix) wrote,

last night...

So, we got there in the middle of the Legion of Superheroes set, they were much fun. We did get to see popejeremy being Theramin! and playing some noise thing with the band and having way too much fun. :)

Folk Fiction is very good music, but the girl doesn't quite have the comedic timing she thinks she does when speaking, and due to a string breaking on one of the guitars, she had to talk more than usual. But her show is good, including a semi-strip from her. Many guys were into that, oh yes.

Voltaire was funny, fun, and all the usual great show he can be, even with just him and his guitar. I had to stop paying so much attention in the middle of the set, though, to rescue a purse for icouldhavelied. She, she'd stuck it on top of the wall behind the bar, not knowing it would fall behind it. The problem here being that the wall is 10 ft from the top, and about 6' wide between it and the backwall. So, we improvised a fishing hook out of a plastic hanger and two belts. It was just like fishing. I was about to give up on the round of trying to hook the purse, pull up the cord to see if I could get a better angle, when I felt it tugging. Voila! A purse! 'Twas good, Ann wasn't feeling well and really needed to get home.

News for kasra_c, Pat had a lot of fun his first concert (for those who weren't there for my excited babbling about it, the kid hanging with me is my sister-in-law's little brother), and wants to go back for Assemblage 23 concert in April. deviant_1 took pictures of us, Pat's ass (post-signing by Voltaire), and my tattoo; those will be up as soon as Jeff can get home to upload them (he stayed here last night due to the snowstorm happening in his area).

The After Party at the Upstage was also fun, good mix of old and new music, though heavy on Souxsie and VNV Nation. Between dancing to songs, Jeff and I discussed the world happenings with poor Pat who was trying to keep up between our vehement opinionings.

After that, we got home and I turned in my Assembly homework (er, oops, forgot to do that earlier, hopefully they don't mind that it's a couple hours late), then went to bed.

Today, I am staying at home. Watched Donnie Darko, played some Fluxx, doing some laundry, hopefully will get some cleaning done soon. Yay day of rest for me!

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