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ok, one more post.

This is an incredible article on the culture of Silicon Valley and the effects of the layoffs on different age ranges of those laid off. I especially like the passage:

"The material consumption in Silicon Valley is horrific," Thalberg said. "People have this sense of entitlement. They want the new BMW and the diamond ring. And the dot-com bubble was an enabler of all this arrogance."

Thalberg hopes the downturn is forcing people to re-examine their priorities and the role of work in their lives. Still, he wonders how long the new perspective will last and he worries that the workaholic values of the boom years will return when the economy picks up.

"I'm pretty mad at Silicon Valley right now," Thalberg said. "The value structure of this valley is harmful. The question is: Will people learn from this downturn? Will they be changed when the six-figure jobs come back? Or will they turn their backs on their families and friends, on their lives, for the company again?"

The article is at:

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