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This is solely here for my Pittsburgh anti-war type friends...

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Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 18:38:49 -0800 (PST)
From: eduh saideruh <>
Subject: city council petition against war

Dear friends,

Thaks to the excellent work of the City Council Resolution subcommittee of the TMC Anti-War Committee, we now have a good chance of getting the Pittsburgh City Council to pass a resolution against war with Iraq. But we need your help. Note that this is not a legal referendum, but it a way to show city council and the public at large how much opposition there is to this war. This will be very useful for convincing our Federal representatives (such as Senator Specter) to vote against the war.

Here's what you can do to help.

*** Please print out the attached petition and get as many signatures as you can! They'll need to be returned to the Merton Center by Sunday the 16th because we'd like to show the petitions to city council and the press next Tuesday.

*** Tuesday, Feb. 18 -- The Anti-War Committee will hold a press conference and rally at the City-County Building at 10:15am demanding that City Council adopts this resolution. After the rally, people will go into City Council chambers to say why they support it.

*** Please call your city councilor asking them to support the resolution. The main number for City Council is (412) 255-2138, or visit the web page to find your councilor's direct number.

For more info contact Edith Bell at or Nathaniel Glosser at 412-322-1330 or NGlosser@SafePittsburgh.Net or Vikram at

I will note that I can't really get at the attachment, so I encourage contacting one of the folks listed above. Since most of us who are doing the protesting actively will be at the Voltaire concert on Friday, deviant_1, do you think you could get a hold of the petition and print it out in time for that concert? That way we can see if we can get our group signatures in on time at least.

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