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oh yah, meant to post this earlier.

So, printing out my paper was more of a process than I'd hoped it would be. I went over to my mom's after work last night to use her printer, only to find she does not have Word.

Er, oops. kearsley should really read the following.

So, fortunately, I had my file saved to html as well, so I went to that, cut/paste the whole thing into SimpleText, then tried to work with that there. Then I discovered the meaning of "Simple". It apparently means that while you can change the font to any wacky font you happen to have on your computer, you cannot double space. And since I definitely needed it double spaced...

I asked online for a good Mac word processor I could grab. The always helpful bruceb recommended MarinerWrite. Ok! I went, grabbed that, and on my mom's 41333 line (it's a 56K modem on a really crappy phone line), took a damn long time to download. I used this moment to go down to say hi to my mom...

Now, remember that I'm now up past my bedtime doing this. And, for those of you who don't know her, my mom can talk. A lot. Without the need for any input from her conversational "partner", she has been clocked at talking for 2 hours straight. (cusm did the clocking at some point.) So, an hour later, I return to the long finished download.

I double click on MarinerWrite.sit. It opens.... then immediately closes. Huh? I try again, same thing, no diagnostic messages given. Uh, ok, perhaps it was corrupted in transit. I trash it. First, not wanting to put the time into another download, I just try printing from IE (Netscape on my mom's machine prints everything really really small for some reason). Well, it prints out 2 copies (huh?), neither of which are legible. Doh.

OK, I trash the original .sit, try to download it again. This time I start playing with some random games I have on there... one of which kills the connection somehow. Argh! Trash, restart again. 20 minutes later, I have another copy of the .sit. I double-click, it opens.... then closes. Well, fucknuts.

Alright, I'll just double space manually in SimpleText then. I do so, go to the "Print One Copy" option under File. I pick up the first page coming out... the wordwrap is different being printed than it was in the editor, so now a lot of words are wrapped over awkwardly! Argh! Well, at least I have a copy to show my mom for her last minute editting.

Then I realized it was printing out four copies. Four. Four is not Print One Copy, it is Four.

Utterly frustrated, I killed the process after it ran out of paper in the second page, trashed all copies, and went to bed. Got up early later and just printed out my paper from the computer labs at school on happy Word.

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