gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Thank you eolh!

So, I gather up my stuff to head to work figuring if I leave at 10:15, I have time to stop at the store on the way in (takes me 15 mins to get into work usually)... then I get to the door.

Now, see, I hadn't actually looked out the window in a few hours. It was a whiteout blizzard, looked like 4" had fallen in the past hour, and still going strong. I brush off the car and call into work to say I'll be late.

On the way, I see countless cars grounded, and 4 buses completely hosed (one of which was at a stop and still sliding). But I, I decided to put in the yet to be released Nick Cave CD Matt burned for me, and I pass them all up without a problem, Nick Cave screaming, "BRING IT ON!" for me. And even with the stop at the store, I get into work just one minute late.

Awwww yeeeah.
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