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moment to breathe

Well, ok. Got in tonight and immediately happened upon a server
that had been turned off that shouldn't have been. That's mostly
fixed now it seems, though I suspect we'll lose the customer (he
was already fighting with billing about failed credit card payments).

Uhm, ok, Toronto. It's flat. It's a city. Generally two things
I don't much like. However, the clubs were very much fun. I also
discovered Rev. It's this beer-substitute stuff that tastes vaguely
like Snapple products crossed with Gatorade; but if you can get
past that, it's also loaded with caffeine and guarana (sp?) so
really boasts true to its name. I like it. A lot. Mmmmmm. I
danced so hard I'm still sore. I also got an awesome score on
Jack Bot while Wumpscut played, yay!

The Nick Cave concert was great, Nick is entirely full of energy
and is more incredible a singer on stage than on recording. His
band is also much fun (I like how the violinist never really shows
his front to the audience; and the Bassist looks like Bleys), so
was a good show. Plus, Nick Cave reminds me in how he moves around
of pghgoth scene regular, Mick. I melted bigtime when Hallelujah
was played. And Pure White Snow has been rotating in my mind since
the show.

The downside of the concert was that it was especially smoky at
the venue, so my eyes were irritated all night long. I mostly kept
our seats in the back, occasionally standing up to watch the stage
until my eyes couldn't take it anymore, then sat back down again.
Very annoying. Oh well.

Random amusments from the trip:

1) Canadians are really really polite until they get behind the
wheel of a car. Then they take their howevermanyyears of repressed
anger out on everyone else, ESPECIALLY if they see a US license
plate. I'm *so* never driving there again.

2) Of *course* I randomly go to a city for a concert, and end up
in the same hotel as a gaming convention. Go figure. Poor Dee
just did not like that idea very well.

3) Crazy Taxi isn't just a game.

4) Aliens do exist, they come to earth and end up as Canadian

5) Repeat after me, "Canadian money is not monopoly money. Canadian
money is not monopoly money...."

6) Somehow, Hollandaise sauce is more prevalent than Ketchup ...

7) ... and Ketchup is titled "Tomato Ketchup aux Tomates"; clearly
distributed by Heinz's redundant department of redundancies.

Beyond that, I'm glad Dee still talks to me after being surrounded
by gamers and couply behaviour all weekend when she was already
cranky to start with. I hope things straighten out on her end
soon, :/
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