gwen (gwenix) wrote,

So, I went protesting in the raging blizzard today. I met up with Wandi, Sonya, and Caroline in front of the old Beehive, then we headed into the rally (missed Anti-Flag though, alas). We were really too far back to hear anything, but we did look at all the signs.. the best Pittsburgher one was "yinz guys are warpigs", in my opinion. Then we started to march... after the first block I realized it was pretty quiet around us, so I found the rhythm of the "whatdowewant? PEACE! whendowewantit? NOW!" chant a block forward, and started the call for response. To my great surprise, people immediately chimed in..... so I got to be call leader for our section a good part of the way. Someone even gave me a mega-phone for a while. I'm so not going to be able to talk tomorrow!

Caroline also had us chanting "We are women! We are marching! We are not shopping!"... which is funny because later as we were passing Phantom of the Attic, I saw Jeff (the owner) outside, so called up, "Do you have any copies of D20 Modern?" "Yes!" "Ok, I'll be back later to pick one up!" At which point I'm surrounded by the other girls chanting very loudly at me, "WE ARE NOT SHOPPING!!" Heh, oops.

The march started at Bigelow Blvd, extended down Fifth Ave, wrapped around to Forbes and came back up to the Software Institute. It was a raging blizzard, and very cold. The crowd was very white with snow on them at the post-rally. I saw a lot of friends there also marching or hanging out, or whatever weaving in and out of the crowds, and it was a LOT of fun to be doing this with such good people as Wandi, Caroline, and Sonya. Yay!

After the protest, we went to the Miller Art Gallery on CMU campus to see the comic exhibit, and check out the zines on the display tables. I picked up a couple that had me typing an entry you'll get tomorrow when I can perform a hotsync on my pda. :)

After that I went to my mom's for a nap before work.

Oh, and to all y'all who insist that protesters just want to recapture the 60's... uh, actually, no. I just don't believe in this war. Also, I asked my mom about the difference between the 60's and now... in the 60's, the protesters were a lot less, and a lot younger. I protested both last week and today beside people who are up to twice my age, or more. Plus, realize that punks make up more of the crowds than do hippies now... and they were definitely not around back in the 60's, and they definitely have a different idea about things. Protesting is a right we have, it's a right we admire people for doing in other countries (Tiananmen Square, for instance), it's a voice we are using to say what we think. No, I don't think Bush is going to listen to us. But he's not the only set of ears.

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