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productive night!

So, the game was cancelled yet again, which I'm sad about, but this
meant I had time to work on my paper.

Now, see, I got the essay questions, but the one I want to answer,
I could conceivably answer in 2-3 lines easily. This is not the
required 3-4 pages. I decided to go through the "review questions"
that the professor hands out every week on the readings and films,
answer the ones appropriate to my paper, and then collate them as
passages (after some rewriting as well) for my essay.

So! I spread out all of the papers with questions and essay topics
and my book all over the dining room table, placed my Handspring
Visor on its keyboard, and then went nuts doing so tonight. After
two hours, I had a good majority of the questions I'm working with
answered, a very solid idea of how the paper is to go, and 1500ish
words written (I'm not sure of this, the word count was 2355, but
much of that are the questions I'm answering). What this means is,
after I hotsync'd my PDA, cutNpaste the "memos" to Word, and set
the type according to the wishes of the professor, I have roughly
4 pages already written in notes. Yay!

I'm not really worried about the overkill, after I'm done writing
the rest of the questions, I will be trimming the answers, removing
a lot of redundancy, probably cutting out some answers altogether,
so it should fit neatly into the 3-4 page bundle required. But I
am very happy to be getting this done as effectively as it's turning
out. I think I *just might* be over my problems with writing papers
-- of course having the ability to type them to PDA so easily really
does help that immensely. Yay!

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