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I'm someone's hero. Read about it in icouldhavelied's journal. Yay!

In other news, the RIAA won a case today to get Verizon to give up the name of a subscriber who is potentially sharing a lot of media with Kazaa. This is not good news to me, because the next step is to allow for watching the bandwidth for any illegal activity, which then leads to watching for questionable activity... Hell, a friend last night jokingly threatened that person we're never allowed to threaten, even in jest. I really don't want to see the day he can be dragged off to jail for a silly remark made on IRC.

Yes, I'm stretching things perhaps. But realize that the state we find ourselves in today was not the original intention of the Copyright Law. And hell, the whole thing was founded in a sort of scurrilous turn of events for monopolizing corporations anyway:

Yes, I know a bunch of you writer types out there will, and can, argue with me about the usefulness of Copyright, and honestly, I do find a lot of value (given our society's setup) in protecting the concept of "ownership" over intellectual property, but I'd really like to see it resting firmly in the hands of the actual authors, not in any organization behind them.

The case is being appealed. I pray the next level understands that the ramifications of invasion of privacy outweighs the ramifications of some organization representing the corporations' monetary interests losing a few dollars.

And in yet other news, I went to dinner with Wandi tonight. Any of you who are in Pittsburgh, go down to the Miller Gallery on CMU campus for "Comic Relief!" .. they have a bunch of old issues of PMS (Post-Modern Sluts) donated by Caroline, awesome! We also discussed a lot of the current political standings, especially from her perspective as a Dutch citizen (why she ended up missing the Protest -- heard that there'd be trouble and she can't risk her VISA). I really adore talking to her about everything, her view is very well-rounded. Then I finished up my readings for tomorrow's class. And, uhm, played more pinball. Heh.

So, uhm, anyone up for going down to Miller Gallery with me sometime this weekend, please let me know!

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