gwen (gwenix) wrote,

in other news...

We're experiencing another great exodus west here in Pittsburgh. We found out a few days ago that d33ann is moving to Seattle, today. We had a great drunken bash at Ceremony last night to see her off, I wish her all the best.

Also, found out my former roommate from Daly City, Matt Ebitz, and his girlfriend Jon-ann are also moving back to San Francisco in the next two months.

Oddly, someone I have no clue who he is, didn't even recognize his face, kept coming up to me and trying to talk to me. He knew my name, so I guess he knows me. Anyway, he asked if I'm moving with Dee. Well, no. I'm still stuck in Pittsburgh for school, but man, I really can't wait to graduate and move on again. Two years!
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