gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Oh yah, school.

Bought my books today. One hour in line to check out, $150 paid for them. Two classes, I think I have 5 books. 4 are for Cultural Anthropology, the last very very VERY thick one is for Assembly Language.

I will note that my right arm was shaking for 2 hours post standing in line with all these books for so long. Remember I have to go easy on my left arm still!
I got to talk to some freshmen though. Too bad they weren't very interesting, and I think I freaked out the freshman chick when I ranted about the wooden nutcracker Pitt basketball player (we were making fun of the Pitt paraphernelia) by saying, "If I wanted a Pitt basketball player in my home, he'd better be 9 ft tall, with only one place wooden, and not cracking any nuts!" She stopped talking to me after that.

Next semester I go to the bookstore early. No, really.
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