gwen (gwenix) wrote,

And there were pictures...

Lots and lots of pictures from last night. I sorted them down to a few (relatively speaking) and labelled them...

Aleris and Bonnie looking cool.

Ray at his usual place, the pinball machine.

In order, eyebite, inmostlight, eolh, Bonnie, Jeff, Ray, and nukleardekay.

Me, dancing to Assemblage 23, "Document" while waiting for my turn at pinball.

We were forcing Dustin to get his picture taken.

Many attempts were made, until this one where he wasn't quick enough.

More of Don and I dancing.

Classic Ray pose.

Dustin's underwear commercial.

I don't wanna know.

Boo, Mikey, Jeff, and Ray.

My favorite place, between Matt and Ray.

Boo, Mikey, and rapier1... Compare to old footage of them back in the late 90's:

At least Mikey never changes!

At Denny's later that night, Dustin is the masked napkin man!

Jeff's really cool friend with the Evil Bear.

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