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oh yah, resolutions.

I didn't make any. If I do, it's so I can break them as soon as possible, so hey.

I did decide something though. With the announcement of my roommate getting married, and my having to replace her sooner than expected (September, likely), I'm thinking I should do that getting rid of stuff thing I've been meaning to do, take down the Entertainment Room, and putting two roommates in her stead, thus reducing my rent. I was thinking of dismantling the computer room too, but realized my sanity needs me to have the third floor for myself. But 2 roommates will reduce my rent enough to really knuckle down and start saving money.

See, what I really decided... I go back to school full time in 2004. I want to graduate by summer of 2005. I don't want to put this kind of pressure on myself, but I know it's what I want.... I want to then go to graduate school. If I can arrange things so that I'm degreed by summer 2005, and going to grad school that fall, I have that summer to go to Calcutta and Australia. This is my ideal plan.

I'm hoping that having made it, I don't break under the pressure when I'm doing doing perfectly, chastising myself for not being able to attain that one thing I want, like last time... but I also know I'd be happy with the backup plan regardless. Hell, I'm happy now, I have been for a while, so hey. But, it'd be really sweet if things could fall into the place they seem to be falling into now.
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